Monday, April 25, 2005

Separated at Birth?: Senate Republicans & Two-Year-Olds

Well, the Senate Republicans appear poised to change the Senate's rules to eliminate filibusters on judicial nominees.

Never mind that well over 95% of Bush's judicial nominees have been approved. Never mind that the filibuster is the only way for Democrats to effectively oppose nominees who are too extreme for their tastes. Never mind that the Republicans will certainly live to regret this change, when the shoe is on the other foot (as it inevitably is).

Never mind that there used to be a little thing in politics called "compromise" -- your side gives a little, our side gives a little, nobody gets everything they want, but everybody gets something.

Never mind that the country is split down the middle, that Republicans have a bare majority rather than an overwhelming mandate.

Never mind, even, that some of the "activist judges" against whom the Republicans rail the most, were nominated and approved by Republicans.

No, the only thing that counts is that the Republicans have not gotten everything they want. For them, "almost everything" is not enough. "Purt near everything" is not enough. "Everything except one little thing" is not enough. No, they must get everything they want, and they are willing to change (or break) any rules, laws, or principles that prevent them from getting everything.

We are left with one question.

Why don't they just threaten to hold their breath until they turn blue?

(Oh, that's right, in Red State/Blue State America, "blue" is anathema to Republicans.)


The Ivory Madonna's story is told in Dance for the Ivory Madonna by Don Sakers.