Saturday, September 04, 2010

Defeating al-Queda in Pakistan

IF the US really wanted to fight al-Queda and the Taliban in Pakistan, we would be pumping massive amounts of foreign aid into flood-stricken areas of that country. We'd be feeding and housing people, rebuilding their homes and schools and hospitals (and, yes, mosques), raising dams, bringing electricity and data service to every village. When US workers finished up and departed (in less than a year), the people's infrastructure wouldn't just be would be improved. They would be better off, materially and spiritually, than they were before the floods.

(And not incidentally, we would supply jobs for many out-of-work infrastructure people in the United States.)

Look at the friends the US made in England and France during World War II. Look at the friends we made throughout Western Europe as a result of the Marshall Plan. The Taliban and al-Queda are popular because they feed and shelter and care for people -- so let's feed, shelter, and care for them better.

The Ivory Madonna has said it before and she will say it again: Envision a world in which anyone, anywhere, could go to a United States Embassy and get a good, nutritious meal for free. That would be a world in which the United States was much more secure.

Instead, we spend trillions...thousands of billions...on armaments and soldiers and logistical/infrastructure support for our troops in support of goals that no one can articulate, in a world in which our nation is less secure now than it was a decade ago.


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Sue said...

Amen Ivory Madonna

Legion Lad said...

Of course if the US really wanted to be secure it would stop invading other countries and stop propping up the Israeli regime that has subjugated Palestinians for 60 odd years.

In the last 100 years, the USA has invaded more countries than any other country (including Russia and Nazi germany), often to replace elected goverments with its puppets who would sign over resources to the US or US companies. If the rest of the world didn't see the US as a bully and a stealer of resources than the USA wouldn't have all the enemies it does now.