Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Republicans on the Run

With the Democratic victory in Mississippi, the Republicans are on the run. The November election looks to be a rout, with the Democratic Party triumphing across the board.

Which means the Republicans are getting desperate. And we've all learned just how dangerous they can be when they're desperate. There is nothing that Cheney and company won't do to retain power...nothing.

Some people are worried that there will be another terrorist attack before November. Some are even worried that, in the wake of such an attack, Bush would suspend elections and try to hold onto the White House.

The Ivory Madonna didn't used to worry about such a scenario. In order to carry out such a coup, the White House would need the unquestioning support of the military...and Bush just doesn't have it.

Lately, though, friends have suggested a more sinister scenario that might have a chance to succeed. Try this on as a thought experiment: Before the election in November, the nation suffers a major terrorist attack. In the course of this attack, assassins kill both Bush and the Democratic nominee (presumably Mr. Obama). President Cheney declares martial law, cancels the election, and disappears into a Secure Undisclosed Location -- defended by fantatical Christian soldiers who believe they are fighting on the side of god.

But nah, that would require someone with influence in some radical foreign country like (say) Saudia Arabia, friends and supporters among the military and the radical Christian right, a total disregard for law and the Constitution, and contempt for the opinions of his countryfolk.



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