Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Ticking Time Bomb

Imagine this scenario:

We learn that terrorists have placed suitcase nuclear bombs in five U.S. cities. The bombs are set to go off at noon tomorrow.

Our stalwart intelligence agents have apprehended one of the terrorist masterminds. There's no time for namby-pamby, conventional interrogation: the only solution is enchanced interrogation methods. The more enhanced, the better. This is no time to worry about questions of morality, ethics, or law: tens of millions of lives are on the line.

So the torture begins. By ten p.m., our experts have wormed out some valuable leads from the terorrist mastermind: city names and locations. Hospitals in Manhattan, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Houston.

Law enforcement, the military, and civilians are mobilized to search every hospital in those five cities. It's a big job, but think of the lives that will be saved! Meantime, the torture continues, as experts try to get more details.

Around dawn, the experts have extracted another important bit of information: the terrorist plan was to hide bombs in the trunks of cars, either in parking garages or parking lots near the target hospitals. Under martial law, every car within half a mile of a hospital in those five cities is stripped.

As of 11:59 am, no bombs have been found. Investigators have increased the search radius to a full mile around each hospital.

At noon, the nuclear bombs go off, utterly destroying Des Moines, San Francisco, Atlanta, San Antonio, and Orlando. Later investigation determines that the bombs were in suitcases placed in storage lockers at YMCA buildings.

That's right. When the head terrorist was tortured, he lied. thought he was stupid enough to tell the truth?

How stupid are you?


The Ivory Madonna's story is told in Dance for the Ivory Madonna by Don Sakers.
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